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Mission Sahyog, March 23, 2017
Sometimes we come across people who impact your thinking, inspire and teach us that ---"A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows". Got a chance to meet one such person DrNaurang Singh Mangat a retired Professor - settled in Canada.He comes to India to serve with his 24 hrs duties towards the betterment of the homeless, destitute and disabled. Salute to this great man, truly an inspiration for all of us.

Rajinder Singh, July 7, 2014
Dr. N.S. Mangat Sahib Jee, you are really a Humanity-Gem. We feel proud of you and long for your Sewa-oriented long life.

Kanwarbir Singh Charaia, July 3, 2014
Bhai Sahib Dr. Mangat (hope your full name is Naurang Singh Mangat) Ji , you are doing a great service and representing Sikhi in its real form of sewa of meek, poor and downtrodden by providing them Medical help, Langar and place to stay which will help them for the rest of their lives.

Dean College of Agriculture, P.A.U Ludhiana, March 2013:
My Dear Mangat Sahib, I have since long been longing to be in touch with you to have a glimpse of your pious personality with which you are blessed by Almighty. I strongly believe and have unqualified faith in Gur Sangat but feel to be unfortunate for having lost the God given opportunity of benefitting from your company (Sangat) while we were together in PAU. I frequently share your heavenly gifted nature with my friends and relatives but feel unfortunate to be a failure in emulating your modesty. Looking at your humble service for mankind I feel tempted to blame me as defaulter of missing the chance of learning the ways to pay back.

"A messiah in Kalyug" by Baljinder , December 20, 2008
Dr . Nurang Singh Mangat, SAT SHRI AKAL, Hats - off to you Sir, for your kind services extended towards the needy and poor. Our brothers and sisters should take lesson from you and should come forward for your help. Looking forward to meet you whenever coming to Punjab.

A great role model! by Manjit Singh, December 19, 2008
It is nice to see a great humanitarian and a great scientist and more importantly in a pure, simple kurta-pajama with flowing beard! Without much knowing about him except this news story, He is already my HERO! God Bless souls like these!

Contemporary role model!! By Harman December 19, 2008
Dr Naurang Singh Mangat is such a great personality and unfortunately I've heard his name for the first time. Well! I would prefer to choose these kinds of MEN OF HONOUR as my contemporary role-models.